When the decision is made to submeter tenants for their utility usage, either at the development stage or in an existing building, the owner or property. Submetering · Commercial Water Metering System with Online Data Gateway · Economy Plastic Water Meter - WM-PC Series WM-PC Economical Plastic Water Meter · Lead. Submetering (reselling of utility services) and proposed legislation. sub metering The residents of many apartments, manufactured homes and other housing. A submeter installed for each tenant space lets you bill tenants for the resources that they actually consume, instead of dividing total consumption by floor. Take advantage of our attractive $ per unit rebate (up to 50% of the total project cost) for submeters used for billing. Costs will vary based upon the.

submetering. Over the years, numerous studies have shown that the submetering of utilities is one of the most effective ways to reduce consumption in. New Submetering Regulations in North Carolina · All submetering of over 14 units is regulated by the North Carolina Utility Commission (NCUC) with the exception. Submetering is the Right Solution for you Community. Arizona Sub Metering Solutions along with our parent company Arizona Consolidated Services. Submeters must be installed behind, and be subordinate to, a main meter monitored by the water provider. Landlords may only charge tenants for water used by. Commercial, retail, residential, industrial, municipal or government facility owners and managers can implement smart utility metering and submetering systems. National Exemption Service (NES) is a leading submetering and utility management company. NES specializes in water, gas, and electric submetering in. This process is called sub-metering. You still pay your normal utility bills from the main utility meters as you always have been but now you get to recover. Multifamily Utility Company Makes Submetering Simple. Multifamily Utility provides an easy, transparent, and seamless solution – managing the entire process. Applying submetering to the building, system, tenant, circuit, or device levels can pro- vide building utility bill, operations & maintenance, and problem. Sub-metering is important for a number of reasons. First of all, it allows the fair billing of water consumption. This is an obvious advantage that residents.

The complete Submetering Solution consists of three wireless network elements and related software all specifically designed for wireless utility. Submetering allows property owners and managers to fairly distribute utility costs among residents, increasing recovery rates by empowering them to take charge. SSI is a full-service utility submetering and billing company. We specialize in accurate and timely utility invoicing, using the latest forms of client and. Utility billing and submetering services rely on the proven Inovonics TapWatch submetering system to wirelessly log consumption data for each tenant. The meaning of SUBMETERING is the retail sale through individual meters to tenants in large office or apartment buildings of electric current or gas. While the focus is on electrical submetering, there is some information on types of meters for natural gas, steam, water, and heated-water and chilled-water. Submetering allows property owners and managers to fairly assign gas, water and electric costs to individual units within multifamily buildings, homeowners'. Multiple Meter Units. Configured Multiple Meter Units (MMUs) are designed for multi-tenant submetering applications in which multiple single phase loads are fed. Submetering involves installing individual meters to measure the consumption of electricity, gas, or water for each tenant in a building or complex. With.

By January 1, , submeters are required in all tenant spaces and must provide individual electricity usage to tenants in monthly submeter readings at minimum. About Submetering. Submetering is a system that allows property owners to sell electricity service to occupants based on each unit's electricity consumption. Submetering is the installation of meters downstream of the main utility meter(s) at a given site to allow for capturing more granular data. Genea Submeter Billing uses cloud-based technology to simplify your meter reading process. Our solution is compatible with both networked and non-networked. Guardian Water & Power is a full service water submetering and utility billing company providing services to apartments, condominiums, marinas.

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